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"To Light
The Soul-Fire & Create From Love
Reclaim Your Power & Stand Fully In Truth."

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Welcome To

Metta Code Energy Healing 


I use a strong sense of intuition and my own lived experience to help you understand core truths that need to be recognized before we begin our substantive healing work together.


Once the correct frame is set, we will release the negative charge of underlying emotional pain and conditioning through EFT (Tapping), The Body Code and the Metta Code Healing Protocol. Often it is past emotional pain, conditioning, and the absence of full truth in our fields, which lies at the root of physical, mental and spiritual challenges. 

The ultimate goal of this process is to facilitate full wellness and empowerment so that you can connect more deeply to your life's purpose and ability to create from Love. 

I can determine before you book whether I can assist you.

Contact me using the link below.

I look forward to working with you. 

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