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I believe that one of our deepest yearnings is to be a transmission of presence for each other in alignment with our unique Divine imprint and in order to cultivate our full empowerment, healing and interconnection. 

After a robust process of personal growth which has involved the release of trauma and unhelpful conditioning, I believe that I can be that presence for certain others who are committed to fully standing in truth. Indeed, as the highest metaphysical energy, truth is the foundation of my practice and my intuition has developed over the years in order to serve this goal. 

I have trained in a number of different modalities including EFT (Tapping), the Body Code and Matrix Reimprinting. I have also developed my own protocol to guide healing sessions.

My healing sessions are compassionate and clear-eyed with the aim of fostering peace, clarity, and an abatement of physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges.

I very much look forward to working with you and facilitating your full awakening.

~ Roma 
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