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Certified Body Code &

EFT Practitioner

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Metta Code Protocol

100% able to give unconditional love?

100% able to receive unconditional love

100% able to receive love energy from others?

100% able to hold love energy?

Ground love energy through you

Need to receive unconditional love before giving body permission to heal? 

Love from man/woman

100% BMS + (supra)consciousness resonant with love energy

Direct transmission of love energy required? (Pineal, heart, other?)

Does client need to pray to channel more Divine Love?

100% connection to love energy in oneself


100% BMS + (supra)consciousness connected to love energy

 100% open to love as a transformative force


Supreme Love

100% able to absorb love energy?

100% able to remain connected to love energy when interacting with people

Able to love over 'original separation'

 Fear of the power of love energy as a transfomative force

Fear of manifesting interconnectedness (with others and the universe) grounded in love energy 

100% connection to love in the universal field?

HEALER: 100% connection to pink light of love in universal field

Ensure no susceptibility to energetic interference of personalities disrupting connection to

Generate love energy into field

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