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Somewhat Immediate, Sustainable, Painless, Multi-dimensional, outside/inside Space-Time Healing

Client is Ready to

Themselves Serve As a Transmission of Healing Presence incl Brow Chakra and Heart Chakra



 Fill Space With Light 

Heart Transmission or Brow Transmission

Tune into your body for the next


Full Union

With & Surrender To God, Give Life Back and Surrender Healing Session

Ensure Channeling Divine Mother of Sacred Heart and Eternal Flame

Ensure Living Fully in the Truth

Ensure Possessed By Divine Will

Shamanic Light Visualization Required to Move Something

Client needs to take responsibility for a specific detrimental behaviour

Ensure Chanelling Divinity of Chakras


Client is being prevented from presencing


Release Destructive Masculine, Feminine, Child Energies

End of Healing Session| Successful end of healing relationship?

Ensure Channelling Healing Loka & Ability to Connect Others to It

Ensure Risen Above Collective Unconscious

Client is generating unconsciousness energy by not fulfilling their karma or actively

 perpetrating harm

Critical mass of collective unconscious and/or evil causing negation of healing?

Full Deliverance From Illusion and False Perception

Need to project something specific into the field

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