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Does client know of (sexual abuse)? Is client ready to explore this with me?

Hidden sexual


Release obfuscation/

smokescreen energy of perp

Release Trauma Bonding Energy

No Contact Required for Full Healing

Trauma of ongoing abuse (also as experienced by split off psyche) is putting negative force field on future

Trauma of ongoing abuse is producing suicidal ideation or other pathology

Is client a

victim of physical or sexual abuse? 


Release negative root chakra influence

Release trauma "feed" from incident(s)

Release influences causing victim to create energy dragnets

Release Victim Mentality 

Release self-compassion blocks

Blocks to speaking truth to power

Release all negative beliefs about self

Release field blocking self-empowerment

Restore positive aspect of ego

Release any AP substitution/hijacking (self-generating?)

Release blocks to full embodiment

Take boundary of your true self & your inner knowing

Blocks to trusting others

Release intergenerational trauma of victim

Release waste cording and/or cording to CU/self-generating?




(10th & 11th Chakra Reiki)

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