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  • Roma Kessaram

The Six Aspects of Healing Through Metta Code Healing

Living a life that is free from the negative impacts of trauma, conditioning, and limiting beliefs, as well as in full alignment with Divine Feminine qualities and Source energy is the goal of my healing work. Below I highlight each of these aspects of Metta Code Healing and remark on particular challenges that I have observed and overcome in my practice in relation to each aspect. Each energy healing session is individual-specific and draws on the protocols of the Body Code Healing System (TM) and my own Metta Code Healing Protocol. The energetic release mechanisms are primarily through easily accessible acupressure points. In addition, I employ my own intuition and insights to dialogue and facilitate cognitive shifts to ensure the sustained release of trapped energy.

Releasing Prior Emotional Hurt and Pain

To some degree the modality chosen to release prior emotional, physical and spiritual pain does not matter all that much assuming a certain level of skill, experience and alignment of the practitioner. With so many modalities to choose from, this is probably just as well. In my healing practice, I rely on the power of the metaphysical heart to throughly release trauma. The efficacy of this method and others, may depend on at least four important determinants.

The first is that the practitioner herself should have released as much as possible all subconscious tendencies to take the pain of the client into her field. Not only does this lead to burn out and possibly illness but it also keeps the energy of the trauma in the field between the practitioner and the client instead of grounding it out and/or releasing it to Source entirely.

Secondly, the client may need to set physical boundaries in order to ensure that any negative cording from anyone involved in the current or prior infliction of emotional, physical or spiritual pain releases permanently. This is also necessary to make sure that any emotional and energetic boundaries that were violated grow back, thereby ensuring that the client can properly inhabit their power and fully heal. But very simply, you cannot fully empty the bathtub of water if the taps are on so the client may need to turn off the taps of toxicity by setting strong physical, no-contact boundaries in order reclaim their own energy and sovereignty.

Mention should also be made here of an increasingly common form of abuse which is going undetected by many including skilled therapists and that is covert narcissism. Periodically, narcissism or covert (vulnerable) narcissism has surfaced as a challenge in a primary relationship of a client requiring a strong no-contact boundary however, the client is not attuned to the fact that they may be the victim of narcissistic abuse and it seems to them that I have mis-intuited the issue. They may be experiencing low energy, adrenal fatigue, weight gain and mental fog, all signs of their power being drained by the narcissist but they may (understandably) attribute these problems to things outside of their relationship. The insidious nature of covert narcissism is such the the right awareness/education and support is necessary to recover and heal in particular because victim-survivor's become conditioned not to trust themselves and not to offer themselves metta (loving-kindness). Please contact me for a free consultation/chat, if you think that this may be an issue for you:

Thirdly, the practitioner needs to be alive to any sabotage energies that are an endemic part of pain. Modern psychology tends to treat sabotage/self-sabotage energies harbored by the client as a reaction to the unprocessed emotions of the painful incident. In my practice is has become clear that understanding the sabotage/self-sabotage energies as an endemic part of the infliction of the pain, and as actually belonging to the inflictor of the pain at their inception is crucial, since these energies may interfere with the healing space, the connection between the healer and the client, and will usually sabotage the release of the pain itself. In other words, in severe cases, the unconsciousness which leads to the infliction of pain has an interest in the pain not being released and will actively sabotage its release from the client. Finally, the energy and underlying causes of deep ego wounding/narcissism that many abuse survivors and children of narcissistic parents hold can also act to sabotage healing.

So if you have tried a number of modalities and nothing has worked for you, you might want to consider the forgoing and try to address these issues with a practitioner to ensure the best chance of fully releasing the underlying energy of the painful incidents and all the attendant emotions and negative cording.

A final word on this point: the practitioner might be thwarted in her healing efforts if the client (themselves probably a victim) has perpetrated some harm (usually some sort of abuse) and has not acknowledged it. The lack of acknowledgement will cord them to the collective unconscious. Until some acknowledgement is made, and the window for self-forgiveness is opened (at least a crack), this may prove to be a significant roadblock on the healing path.

De-Conditioning the Self from Family, Social, Human Family and Archetypal Conditioning

In order to decondition ourselves fully, a more than superficial understanding of our true nature as souls having a physical experience in order to evolve ourselves, is necessary. It is almost impossible to fully shed the negative aspects of our human conditioning if we limit our understanding of ourselves to simply material bodies having a material existence which is ultimately without significant meaning because this will become a subconscious excuse for submission to our conditioning - a sort of fatalism based on mechanistic determinism.

To elevate above our conditioning a higher-level perspective is necessary. While many clients come into my practice already having this perspective, it is often useful to suggest specific literature and/or specific meditation or meta-cognition practices in order to foster a felt sense of self which is unlimited, timeless and full of potential. After this, we can begin the work of releasing on an energetic level, the multiple layers of our conditioning which keep us from acting from this perspective on the material plane.

The first part of that work is untangling the conditioned part of ourselves which is resistant to being de-conditioned. Much like the sabotage energies that the infliction of emotional pain is laced with, our conditioning reinforces itself by resisting the spotlight and resisting our efforts to release it. Again, this is the nature of unconsciousness. A skilled practitioner is able to recognize this resistance even when the client presents otherwise and untangle its often myriad components.

Releasing Limiting Beliefs

When we are without the internal power to heal our beings, limiting beliefs act as a way of keeping us safe. As we release prior emotional pain, form the necessary emotional, energetic and physical boundaries, our power comes to us and we have more chance of shedding some of our prior beliefs which no longer serve.

Two mind-sets may stymie this process. The first is a deep-set victim mentality. A victim mentality might be understood as a network of mutually reinforcing conscious and sub-conscious beliefs which are determined to hold the status quo of suffering in place (a form of sabotage energy discussed above). If the practitioner has sufficient buy-in from the client, it may take a bit of work, perhaps more in the form of light coaching, in order to release this mentality. On an energetic level, this mentality may be held in place by a self-generated darkness, for which cultivation of a Divine Mother practice (see below), may help.

The second mind-set is the client who is determined to sabotage the healing process because they are determined to be their own healer, even though they are seeking help from a practitioner. My own working theory of healing, is that the healer is a facilitator of healing delivered in part through herself but mostly through connecting the client with Source which sets the conditions for the body, mind spirit to self-heal. However, this second mind-set also negates this theory in that the client consciously or sub-consciously rejects even the facilitation of the healing. In this case, the best that the practitioner may be able to do is to point this out and suggest some outside resources. This may in fact be sufficient to positively further the client's journey.

Finally, at this stage the practitioner should also be alive to any inherited limiting beliefs usually passed on because of inter-generational emotional pain. While this may come up initially, it is likely that full release of inter-generational emotional pain and limiting beliefs requires much work around de-conditioning. Drawing a family tree and having the client collect information from other family members regarding at least three generations ancestors may help facilitate the cognitive shifts and connections related to inherited beliefs and behavior and make them more available for release. (See James Gordon's book, The Transformation).

Fully Inhabiting The Divine Feminine

"She is the primordial, uncreated Word, the very essence of the highest reality, pervading all things and eternally in creative motion: She is simply luminous pure consciousness, vibrating with the greatest subtlety (as the ground of all being)."

~ Abhinava-Gupta (c.950-1020) and quoted in Ellik, Ekabhumi Charles, The Shakti Coloring Book: Goddesses, Mandalas, and the Power of Sacred Geometry before the description of the Goddess Para Vach

~ Om Parayai Namaha ~

The Hindu Pantheon is very helpful for facilitating an understanding of what inhabiting the Divine Feminine means.

Kali: One of her primary attributes is wrathful compassion. With Shiva, she is the dispeller of darkness. Wrathful compassion is indeed, the ability to see darkness or unconsciousness when it arises in ourselves and in others and speak the truth to it so that we can fully inhabit our light. It is, to use a Biblical term, "righteous anger". It is taking any action which encourages your truth spoken from your light and the Truth to flourish.

Saraswati: The Goddess of Learning and Knowledge: The Divine Feminine is a commitment to empowerment of the other, with the knowledge that we are all capable of inhabiting our divine blueprint fully and have our own paths to so doing. To this end we must understand that the Divine Feminine is not taking the pain of others into our bodies, minds, spirits and trying to transmute it. This is martyrdom which leads to illness and premature physical death. It is also not any other aspect of the rescuer/healer archetype which tries to spare others from trial or tribulation by engaging in heart overreach and overly insinuating oneself in the journey of another fueled by unhelpful emotions of worry and guilt.

Lakshmi: The Goddess of Abundance and Good Fortune: Holding a life of abundance, generosity, freedom and equality as ideals for ourselves and others is the aspect of the Divine Feminine which Lakshmi points to. To this end we must root out any unhealthy competitive behavior that we may have absorbed through cultural, societal, or family norms, including being in unhealthy competition with ourselves which can be a symptom of a heavy ego wound (discussed above). Service which is most impactful, generally requires that the individual performing the service views themselves as whole and genuinely understands the interconnected and equally deserving nature of all other beings. (See Seane Corn's book Revolution of the Soul and James O'Dea's book, The Conscious Activist )

For understanding more about the Hindu goddesses and their related sacred geometry which can deeply assist in Divine Mother practices, please reference Ekabhumi Charles Ellik's book (see above and below).

In addition to the forgoing, inhabiting the Divine Feminine is a full commitment to our self-empowerment and to light our own soul-fires for the liberation of ourselves and as a model for others. It is the commitment to the unfolding of life as a co-creation with the Divine from a heart and soul centered place of truth, beauty and grace.

Energetic releases related to this aspect of healing are concerned with forgiveness, self-compassion and releasing blocks to power from grace. I encourage clients to develop their own Divine Mother practice by invoking any and all female deities that they resonate with. For me, the Goddess Tara commonly associated with different branches of Buddhism and N'il Amma Tara (Blue Mother Tara) or Ambadevi of the Amartya tradition are wonderfully helpful. Divine Mother practice is essential to fully releasing ourselves from any destructive masculine, feminine and wounded child energies that we may have by acknowledging them and for giving us the strength to mother ourselves out of these tendencies with as much self-compassion as possible.

Aligning With and Surrendering to Divine Source

Through my work with myself, it has been clear that there has been more energy available for release and I have been able to get deeper with my own healing by moving through a process of surrender and turning one's life back over to Source. I have also used rote energetic releases to try to harmonize the left and right brain hemispheres so that I am more open to higher inspiration.

When we take our often overly left-brain leaning beings and unhelpful aspects of our ego out of the way we can tap into something larger, more easeful, more impactful and perhaps more aligned with our strengths and talents. On an energetic level, this part of the process aims to guide the client through the release of residual negative aspects of ego, full deliverance from illusions and false perceptions and any residual unconsciousness taken on from parents, family, partners and the wider collective unconscious. In order to effectively channel your divine blueprint, the positive, protective aspects of the ego must be in place so that your personal power stays in your being and we will ensure that you are fully connected to the positive ego.

In addition, like the practice of fully inhabiting the Divine Feminine, residual areas of darkness within the client can be dissolved through a conscious practice of union with Source through mantras, meditation, and even conversation with Source.

Ensuring the Highest Evolution of the Soul in This Lifetime

Even when the forgoing aspects have been largely worked through, there are often residual blocks that keep us from the highest evolution of our soul. These tend to be further aspects of conditioning or limiting beliefs and sometimes deeply buried past pain. Sometimes these blocks only surface when we encounter challenging situations after most of the healing journey has been traversed. When we remember that everything is here for our spiritual mastery and development, we begin to see these challenges in a new light and often more immediately ask ourselves: which aspects of my beliefs or my life are no longer serving me and must be released now. Or, is there another boundary that I need to put in place in order to progress further? Keeping a record or journal of these moments and systematically working through them with the help of a practitioner or on one's own will ensure further alignment with Source and with your divine blueprint.

Final Note

The new world paradigm that so many of us yearn for and that so many luminaries speak of will be born more speedily if each of us does the shadow work that will enable us to elevate ourselves above the collective unconscious and live from awakened hearts, in full alignment with Source energy and our divine blueprint. Metta Code Healing provides a clear path to this necessary rebirth. It is my privilege to assist you on your path to wellness, emotional freedom and a more frequent experience of a state of limitless presence, otherwise known as Love.


Just a few of the many books that have informed this article and my journey:

Seane Corn, Revolution of The Soul

Cyndi Dale, Energetic Boundaries

Ekabhumi Charles Ellik, The Shakti Coloring Book

James Gordon, The Transformation

Aaravindha Himadra, Immortal Self

Denise Linn, Energy Strands

James O'Dea, The Conscious Activist

Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now


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