Client is under some negative force which is compromising their relationship to power

Blocks to client's brow chakra resourcing their power/energy egg


Lalita Tripura Sundari for all clearances on the left

Unconscious pattern of self-disempowerment (but may not initiate with self

Client needs to speak a truth to self or others for true empowerment

Blocks to client 's chi  resourcing their energy egg

Blocks to client's energy renewing their relationship field

Power being drained by fear, trauma, need to please/be accepted or other reason

Client has susceptibility to relinquishing personal power in presence of[X]

Blocks to client's metaphysical heart resourcing their power/energy egg

Blocks to client co-creating with universe

Power being drained by fear, trauma, need to please/be accepted or other reason

Release susceptibility to others sucking power/healing power from you - get deep

Continuous trauma of energetic rape by someone

Continuous trauma of dark forces feed  - take power to counter?

Release all lies of others' beings in client (false idea of separateness)

Energetic field blocking self-empowerment

Consciously merge personal power with Divine Power

Ensure power to enlist universal power to be a transmission fo presence

Evil Is Causing Split in the Client - Split Personality/Psyche/ etc. [check for in particular circumstances too]

Evil causing snuff out of client [in certain circumsntances, usually related to their wheelhouse/power]

Evil causing hijacking  of client [in certain circumstances, usually related to their wheelhouse/power]

Evil causing corruption of client's light  [in certain circumstances, usually related to their wheelhouse/power]

Evil causing energetic backlash when hold people in light [in wheelhouse and otherwise]

Disengage from the collective prajjavritti (collective dependency on the familiar)

Client has a need to experience power from negative/external sources - get deep

Why is client giving up power? 

Power is dirty?

Better to be

nice than




will create conflict


(get deep!)

Client has negative influences on a chakra &/or power chakra &/or blocks to merger of awakened chakras

Recall power lodged in someone else's consciousness

Client is projecting power outside of themselves - get deep

Restore power and boundary of positive ego

Person/situation cannabilizing client's power

Blocks to personal power while sleeping

Release any need to experience safety in a highly specific way in order to self-empower with the truth (could be 3rd party energy creating lack of safety)

Client has conditioning related to giving up power to retain r'ship/frienship and partner is preying upon this (CN?)

Client disempowered b/c not in a heart and soul relationship or energy blocking H & S relationship

Client has a tendency to over-give/heart overreach or other aspect of high functioning Codependency (Cole) 

Client is falling out of grace b/c not standing fully in power &/or 3rd party energy not allowing them to stand in own power

Suppression of POWER energy inherited through gender or race etc.