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Return to Love ~ Roma

(Trauma Release with HT, Manual Releases and Light Channeling)

Full Empowerment

(Therapist facilitating story exchange/intuitive dialogue/insight)


Release any denial of trauma/pain/subconscious desire to protect perp or pred


Release negative root chakra influence

Release influences causing victim to create energy dragnets

Release Critical amount of CU or evil which threatens to negate healing (invocation and mantra

Release trauma "feed" from incident(s)

Release Victim Mentality 

Ensure safety

when in Love (usually a problem where multiple victimizations are present

Release self-compassion blocks

Blocks to speaking truth to power

Ensure safety

when in Love (usually a problem where multiple victimizations are present)

Release all negative beliefs about self

Release field blocking self-empowerment

Release perpetrator fields in victim

Restore positive aspect of ego

Release any AP substitution/hijacking (self-generating?)

Release split (dark) soul of perp/pred

Release blocks to full embodiment

Release energy causing movement of consciousness outside of the body

Blocks to trusting others

Take boundary of your true self & your inner knowing

Release intergenerational trauma of victim

Release any fields of collective evil/separation/sabotage/narcissism/psychopathy

Release waste cording and/or cording to CU/self-generating?




(10th & 11th Chakra Reiki)

Release blocks to holistically releasing family trauma energies

Release ego fields of perp/pred in client

Release residual energy of perp/pred causing splintering of victim

Set down perp/pred in light field and make sure you are reset


Release blocks to undersanding boundaries as necessary tool of self compassion

Release tendency to suppress power inherited/imposed through gender/race or other social construct

Release blocks to being protected by higher self & inhabiting highest vibration

Release any disconnect of higher self resting in Love (conflation of standing in power w/closed-heartedness)

Reclaim Wholeness & Light ~ Roma (HT, Manual Releases and Light Channeling


Fill Space



Release unhealed perceptions that wil perpetuate suffering ( objections)

Release any core soul wounding

Ensure full embodied presence

Take full boundary with your true self and inner knowing

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