Let's Walk Together Through
Part Of
Your Journey To Help You Realign With Love. . . 

I am fully invested in ensuring good healing outcomes for everyone. 

 I prepare for most sessions beforehand so that we can maximize our in-session time together and I offer follow-up support after the session.


As I note on the technique page, my area of deep knowledge is the effect of our relationships and our past painful experiences on our emotional, physical, and spiritual health. Sometimes, in order to fully manifest all aspects of the healing, steps will be required to reorient these relationships through setting boundaries and speaking truth. Please take full note here that I am not a licensed psychological or medical professional and my work does not substitute for such assistance.

After the session I provide follow-up support to ensure that you are integrating the healing by implementing the external changes and to provide additional guidance as necessary.

In addition to welcoming survivors of narcissistic abuse into my practice, I have  a growing skill-set in relation to addressing narcissism, including covert narcissism (noted below as toxic insecurity/vulnerability), as an adjunct to more conventional therapeutic methods. My price is higher for these sessions because they require more preparation and post-session energetic grounding.  

Please contact me before booking to ensure we are a good fit. 


I look forward to working with you.