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Client disconnected from Love/God/Life Path/Self/Life Force/Interior Life

Release any energetic template of disease of sociopath in client incl disease of physical heart

Self-generating soul disavowal energy

Self-generating disavowal of soul mission energy

Energy disconnecting from 5 layers of heart and snuffing out

emotional & Relationship fields

Energy of lie of socio's presence, mask/specific lie

SG Unworthiness eneergy

Self-generating disconnection from guides/gurus/Divine BP/Loka etc. 

Energy hijacking or stealing consciousness of client

Energy stealing any part of metaphysical body/field

Block to being nourished by, and creating from, interior life

Energy of inversion [to everything esp creative chakra]

Release connection to sociopath's intergenerational trauma fields

Energy of abyss/FF

Allergy to own independence

False intuitive field/[false] feeling of invincibility prior to entering  psychopathic FF 

SG Relationship field/Income/Abundance Field  blow out/allergy


Subliminated anger release 

Jealousy/Other Emotion Absorbed

Self-generating connection to collective fields of the same stuff

SG energy blocking emotional empathy/attunement

SG energy blocking Love

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