Self-generating energy disconnecting client from Love

Release any energetic template of disease in physical heart

Release energy disconnecting physical heart from metaphysical body 

Release energy of lie that sociopath is projecting that they are in their heart

Self-generating soul disavowal energy

Self-generating disavowal of soul mission energy

SG Unworthiness eneergy

Self-generating disconnection from guides/gurus/Divine BP/Loka etc. 

Release energy disconnecting from emotional heart

Release energy preventing client from existing safely in Love

Release connection to sociopath's intergenerational trauma fields

Release collective dark universe suck 

SG Relationship field/Income/Abundance Field  blow out

Subliminated anger release 

Jealousy/Other Emotion Absorbed

Self-generating connection to collective fields of the same stuff

SG energy blocking emotional empathy/attunement

SG energy blocking Love