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Client creating black hole on life force energy

Client is a perpetrator

Client has ejected healer to another universe!

Client creating black hole on your path of light & causing you to be distracted

Client heavily masked/acting. Your cognitive dissonance is real

Client plans to harm me/another healer &/or healer's soul is not safe in healing session

Person is snuffing metaphysical power

Client creating black hole on your heart, brow or other center of awakening

Client engaged in dark forces/bad magic

Client weaving tangled webs/negative portals/hidden portals

Relationship Field/POL/Dream Compromised 

Dark Void, Devil, Evil, (+in perpetuity)

Client creating negative feed extinguishing you/POL etc. 

Can't heal this person because they need to acknowledge a truth relative to their perpetration of a crime first.and/or violent tendencies

Client is scrambling healer's healing presence

Healer has some conditioning preventing healing of client

Client is possessed by bad energetic form b/c disavowing her soul path  & is not ready to see this

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