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Road Map For Healing

I accept bookings after I ascertain that I can assist so please contact me before booking. If I can assist, I prepare thoroughly for each session beforehand to ensure that we make the best use of our time together. In our first session we will identify any boundaries that you need to set in order to create an effective healing space and framework - boundaries are necessary to reclaim your own healing power and to facilitate the sustained release of the negative energy that we release together. I should also be able to determine how many sessions you will need to realize your healing goals. 

Once we have created the correct frame for the healing work through setting the required boundaries, we will proceed to release the negative energy of past emotional pain and and entrenched habits and patterns (negative conditioning) using the energetic modalities noted below. While traditional therapeutic methods are useful for identifying past emotional hurt and negative conditioning, the somatic release of the underlying metaphysical energies after cognitive insights have been gained, is often necessary to move forward in full health and wellness.  

Throughout the process, I encourage paying attention to the intelligence of your body, mind, and spirit. Often the soul signals its need for healing and growth through the manifestation of challenges on these levels. I am able to help you connect these challenges to past emotional pain, limiting beliefs, and negative conditioning. Once we facilitate the appropriate cognitive shifts and release past pain and conditioning, my expectation is that the connected physical, emotional and/or spiritual challenge(s) should abate. 

Energy Healing Tools

In addition to my well-honed intuition and my own protocol, I use the  Emotional Freedom Techniques ("Tapping"), the Emotion and Body Codes and  Matrix Re-imprinting to identify and release negative energy. Specifically, I use EFT to help clients make necessary cognitive shifts and I use the other modalities to release residual unhelpful metaphysical energy. 


A consensus is growing that past emotional pain, including intergenerational pain as well as the beliefs and conditioning that develop because of that emotional pain, are held within our energetic and cellular systems. Engaging in energy work with a practitioner who is able to fully ground negative energy and hold healing space, facilitates the release of energetic disruptions in the body, mind, and spirit and should lead to deeper healing. 


Let's Get Started!

It is my genuine privilege to facilitate the healing journeys of others as an adjunct to conventional modalities. I can generally discern beforehand if I may be able to assist you. Please contact me via the link below before booking. 


Risen Above Collective Unconscious

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