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Road Map For Healing

I use dowsing and a strong sense of intuition, as well as my own protocol,

to guide the following roadmap for healing:  


First we will identify any boundaries that need to be set with others and any further truths about those relationships which need to be acknowledged for emotional and psychic boundaries to manifest. We will connect the need to set boundaries to any wellness challenges which those relationships may be causing. 

Once those boundaries are established we will proceed to identify and release the charge on past emotional pain and negative conditioning using energetic modalities. 

Throughout the process, I encourage tuning into the body's intelligence and wisdom including the wisdom of so-called "negative" emotions to understand the messages they are communicating. I also encourage contemplative and alignment practices to incorporate higher self/Divine wisdom. 

Energy Healing Tools

In addition to my own Metta Code Protocol, I use the Emotional Freedom Techniques ("Tapping"), and the Emotion and Body Codes as well as Matrix Re-imprinting and simple heart-centering and forgiveness exercises to release energy and to facilitate cognitive shifts.


Let's Get Started!

Holistic, energy based healing tools are likely an essential component of full wellness and empowerment. My experience is that in order for these tools to help facilitate sustained, life-affirming change, we need to step into full truth and live with complete integrity. Indeed, the absence of truth in our own field and those with whom we relate is likely an overlooked component of disease. 

If this work resonates, I look forward to assisting you. Please contact me via the link below before booking. 


Risen Above Collective Unconscious

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