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Building A New World Paradigm

In order to build the new paradigm, we must enter fully into our own truth and power. If you are ready for the power of your own journey and unique energy to heal yourself and others, but are feeling a bit stuck in reaching the next level, I may be able to help. 


As I note elsewhere, I believe that one of our deepest desires is to be a transmission of presence for each other - to hold each other in love, grace, and power - so that we may all live and create from wholeness and Love. My goal is to assist you in the inner work required to self-heal and be this transmission of presence. 

Road Map For Healing

I use dowsing and a strong sense of intuition, as well as my own protocol,

to guide the following roadmap for healing:  


First we will identify any boundaries that need to be set with others and any further truths about those relationships which need to be acknowledged for emotional and psychic boundaries to manifest. We will connect the need to set boundaries to any health/wellness challenges which those relationships may be causing. 

Once those boundaries are established we will proceed to release negative conditioning which is at the root of negative relationship patterns (including with self). Here we will release present and occasionally past life trauma and identify any health/wellness challenges that this trauma might be causing.

Finally we will release the energy of any limiting beliefs that the trauma and conditioning have produced. 

Throughout the process, I encourage tuning into the body's intelligence and wisdom including the wisdom of so-called "negative" emotions to understand the messages they are communicating. I also encourage contemplative and alignment practices to incorporate higher self/Divine wisdom. 

Energy Healing Tools

In addition to my own Metta Code Protocol, I use the Emotional Freedom Techniques ("Tapping"), and the Emotion and Body Codes as well as Matrix Re-imprinting and simple heart-centering and forgiveness exercises to release energy and to facilitate cognitive shifts.


I have used these tools for my own shadow work, healing, and personal growth and I believe that the energetic cohesion that this work engenders also allows me to be a transmission of presence for others.. Thus, in addition to the aforementioned tools, energetic shifts may be experienced in short order when truths that need to be acknowledged, are voiced and discussed. The shifts are generally sustained if the required external change to facilitate the truth is acted upon. 

Let's Get Started!

Many enlightened voices believe that the next step of human evolution involves embracing our energetic nature and our ability to be agents of healing and change for ourselves and others through the power of our stories and our presence. 

Having developed and walked through a deep process of this energetic evolution over almost a decade, I now hope to catalyze this evolution for certain others. I believe that those engaging with this work will be the light-bearers into the new paradigm. 

I look forward to working with you.

Please be in touch via the link below before booking. 

Risen Above Collective Unconscious

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