Individual  Sessions 

(In-person and Remote)

Each session follows a similar format. We will begin by detecting the most pressing metaphysical imbalance and proceed to connect that imbalance to physical imbalances that you may be experiencing. You will release these imbalances with my guidance through accessing pressure points. 

Through intuitive, insightful dialogue in combination with the energetic releases, we will facilitate the cognitive shifts that are necessary for sustained release of the imbalances and identify any external changes that you need to make in order to honor those shifts. 

The goal of this work is three-fold: to elevate you above the collective unconscious, to awaken your heart and to help you live a life in complete alignment with Source energy so that you can fulfill your Divine blueprint. 

Detecting Imbalances

I use dowsing to determine where energetic imbalances reside in the body, mind, and spirit.  Often, I also temporarily feel the client's imbalances in my own body and rely on a strong sense of intuition as well as my own protocol to understand where imbalances exist in one's relationships to other people and the many aspects of life.

Energy Healing Expertise

Over the years my area of specialization has become the pinpointing and release of past emotional hurt and pain in our relationships with our parents, family and intimate partners. Not only are we susceptible to the direct hurt and pain that we may have received in these relationships but we may also be sensitive to, and hold the pain that the other has experienced in their life/relationships.


It is now widely accepted that past emotional hurt can manifest as disease in the body, mind and spirit. Many disciplines and traditions have puzzled over how to thoroughly and sustainably release this emotional pain.


While there may be many pieces to this puzzle, the major piece that I believe I offer is the ability to help release this pain through the metaphysical heart. By re-establishing the metaphysical heart instead of the mind as the primary center for the processing of emotional energy and pain, the pain has a higher chance of fully releasing. This is the first major step to aligning with our higher selves and with the universal energy of Love.


We are at a moment in history when there is a greater than critical mass of inter-generational hurt and pain in the human family which is self-replicating. One effect of this unresolved trauma is that many of us are in contact with narcissistic personalities - narcissism being in part a coping mechanism for abuse or neglect. The prevalence and effect of narcissism is such that it is actively disempowering us from awakening and healing from individual and collective pain.

My healing practice has been informed by these challenges and my insights may assist you deeply if you are ready for change. 

Roadmap for Healing

As a committed energy healer, I have dedicated much time to my own shadow work, spiritual growth and restoration of personal power which has resulted in more efficient, effective and sustained improvements for individuals. 
The full roadmap that I employ is: 
  • Energetic Releasing of Previous Emotional/Physical Hurt (see above)
  • De-Conditioning Ourselves from Family, Social, Human Family & Archetypal Conditioning
  • Dissolving Limiting Beliefs to Rise Above the Collective Unconscious
  • Inhabiting Fully the Power of the Divine Feminine 
  • Surrendering to Source Energy and Connecting to Our Divine Blueprints
  • Ensuring the Highest Evolution of the Soul in This Birth
The expectation is that as we progress through each level, any energetic blockages related to physical, emotional and spiritual challenges will start to release. Since the body and mind are containers for the soul, often the soul calls for course correction  through manifesting challenges in the physical realm. Throughout this process, we will be mindful of any soul lessons to be heeded and develop guidance for external shifts and/or daily exercises required to fully honor the soul. 

Energy Healing Tools

In addition to my own Metta Code Protocol, I use the Emotional Freedom Techniques ("Tapping"), and the Emotion and Body Codes as well as Matrix Re-imprinting and simple heart-centering and forgiveness exercises to release energy and to facilitate cognitive shifts.
In between sessions, I make tailored recommendations for energetic cleansing practices to release negative cording and reinstate energetic boundaries. I also make tailored recommendations of reading material to reinforce cognitive shifts and facilitate insights so that we can move seamlessly to the next level in your next session. 

Limitations of

My Practice

I primarily facilitate healing through dual centers of awakening -  the metaphysical heart and the wisdom/brow chakra, Through experience it has become clear that extreme forms of narcissism, egoism, and skepticism collapse these energy centers and make it difficult to transmit energy and facilitate positive shifts.

In addition, alignment with truth is necessary. If the client needs to recognize a truth(s) or take responsibility for significant wrong-doing I can usually facilitate an awareness of what this might be, but unless they come to their own recognition and ownership, the healing may stall.

If you have questions as to whether this modality is right for you, email me with a short explanation of what you would like to work on before you book and I can determine if we are a good fit.

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 Getting Started

Book a session or contact me with questions to get started. I conduct in-person and remote sessions and I very much look forward to facilitating your spiritual journey and personal growth.

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